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Slow Flow 

This is a slow, gentle practice, perfect for all levels.  We will mix up styles and move from floor to standing positions, utilizing props, blocks, bolsters, and blankets to assist us in and out of postures.  Exploring mindful movement and breath you will improve overall strength and flexibility while calming the mind, bringing awareness to the present.  Rest your mind and restore balance, while feeling energized and refreshed.

Morning Flow  

In the Yoga tradition, morning is considered a “divine time” when the spiritual energy is at its peak for clarity, creativity and peace of mind, before the days distractions can take over. 

This class will awaken the body with gentle stretching and flowing postures/asanas while incorporating breathwork/pranayama.   

You will feel energized and peaceful as you head into your day.

Yoga For Flexibility and Strength

A blend of yin and yang asanas will balance relaxation and energy flow. Longer holds will target the connective tissues and ligaments. Muscle work will focus on both lengthening and strengthening. If you experience high intensity at work, home or play this practice will quiet your mind and relax your body. Enjoy overall improved flexibility and strength. Breath will enhance a deep state of relaxation in the body and mind. Appropriate for all levels.

Flow And Stretch Yoga

This class will begin on the floor with both sitting and lying stretches as we warm up the spine, hips and shoulders.  We will move into a slower paced series of standing stretches, including sun salutations and balancing postures while incorporating pranayama/breathwork into each asana/posture.

This class is suitable for all levels. 

Vinyasa Flow   

This class is recommended for students with some yoga experience.  We link yoga postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using the breath.  This class helps build strength, flexibility, and concentration while calming the mind.

Mindful Movement  In this mid level class will warm the body and lubricate the joints through gentle and dynamic movement and conscious breath work; while incorporating sound and energy healing techniques as well as brief meditation to leave you feeling energized, refreshed and peaceful for the remainder of the day.


Sacred Sunday Flow

Sacred Sunday Flow is an invigorating and revitalizing vinyasa flow practice for all levels.

 It may offer advanced postures to those who are interested and ready for them but supports the beginner yogi as well.

Sacred Flow is steeped with rich and ancient yogic philosophy yet holds a playful tone as we practice challenging poses. 

This class offers all practitioners a rich experience of dropping into a still and sacred place by inspiring focused awareness on the breath and an inner light of wisdom.

Vin to Yin Yoga  

This class will begin with a flow, Yang (muscular) movement, through sun salutations, Warrior Flows and balancing postures.  In the second half of the class we will come back down to the floor creating Yin poses which will be held longer targeting the connective tissues and stimulating joint lubrication.  You will leave feeling balanced mentally and physically.  

Yin Yang Yoga   

The first half of this class will begin with deep stretching, Yin poses, directing stimulation beyond the muscular (yang) tissues and into the deep connective (yin) tissues such as ligaments, bones, and even joints of the body.  The second half of the class will move into more active muscular poses, Yang, such as sun salutations, Warrior poses and balancing postures. This class is appropriate for all levels. 

Lunar and More Flow 

Lunar Flow is a sequence of poses that honor the feminine energy of the moon.  Chandra Namaskara, the Sanskrit name, is a cooling meditative series of postures with movement flowing in a lateral direction facing the long side of the mat.  The side stretches and circular movements can be considered to represent the phases of the moon as it waxes and wanes.  In addition, some classes will incorporate traditional poses and flow.  We will practice meditative movement with breath as we turn our attention inward creating space and balance. This class is open to all levels.   


Hatha Yoga  

Learn or return to the foundations of yoga postures while incorporating pranayama (breathing exercises) to help bring peace to the mind and body.  This is a well-rounded class that will help improve flexibility, increase strength, reduce stress and help create overall health and well-being.   

Gentle + Yin Yoga 

Experience a variety of yoga styles and asanas at a slow relaxing pace. There will be an emphasis on breath awareness within and between postures. Assistance will be offered to find your perfect level of effort while staying within your “edge” allowing you to restore energy, reduce stress, increase strength and flexibility. 
Suitable for all abilities, pose modifications will be offered to meet your personal needs. Leave class is feeling relaxed yet energized and ready for a great day.


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