Class Descriptions


Slow Flow 

This is a slow, gentle practice, perfect for all levels.  We will mix up styles and move from floor to standing positions, utilizing props, blocks, bolsters, and blankets to assist us in and out of postures.  Exploring mindful movement and breath you will improve overall strength and flexibility while calming the mind, bringing awareness to the present.  Rest your mind and restore balance, while feeling energized and refreshed.

Mindful Vinyasa Flow

Mindful Vinyasa Flow provides a series of slow, intentional movements to release accumulated tension while focusing on centering breath work.  Mindful Flow is comparable to our regular Vinyasa flow but dialed down a notch honoring individuals’ energetic level at the end of day.  This class allows you to move the body and burn off excess energy at the beginning then wind down to a deeper state of relaxation as you prepare for evening.  You will feel both energized and relaxed.  This class is recommended for all levels.

Yoga For Flexibility and Strength

A blend of yin and yang asanas will balance relaxation and energy flow. Longer holds will target the connective tissues and ligaments. Muscle work will focus on both lengthening and strengthening. If you experience high intensity at work, home or play this practice will quiet your mind and relax your body. Enjoy overall improved flexibility and strength. Breath will enhance a deep state of relaxation in the body and mind. Appropriate for all levels. 

Vinyasa Flow   

This class is recommended for students with some yoga experience.  We link yoga postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using the breath.  This class helps build strength, flexibility, and concentration while calming the mind.

Mindful Movement  In this mid level class will warm the body and lubricate the joints through gentle and dynamic movement and conscious breath work; while incorporating sound and energy healing techniques as well as brief meditation to leave you feeling energized, refreshed and peaceful for the remainder of the day.

Vin to Yin Yoga  

This class will begin with a flow, Yang (muscular) movement, through sun salutations, Warrior Flows and balancing postures.  In the second half of the class we will come back down to the floor creating Yin poses which will be held longer targeting the connective tissues and stimulating joint lubrication.  You will leave feeling balanced mentally and physically.  . 

Hatha Yoga  

Learn or return to the foundations of yoga postures while incorporating pranayama (breathing exercises) to help bring peace to the mind and body.  This is a well-rounded class that will help improve flexibility, increase strength, reduce stress and help create overall health and well-being.   

Intro to PiYo

In intro to PiYo we will slow it down and allow more teacher demonstration.  PiYo is a fun, music-driven class that combines the strengthening benefits of Pilates with the flexibility and enhancing effects of yoga. It is a dynamic, energetic program that provides a full-body workout to burn calories, tone muscles, work on balance and get a great stretch. Each section of class has patterns, so learning is easy, and you build confidence with each class! Although It is high energy, the movements are low impact and adaptable to all ages and fitness levels. Join us!

Beginner Plus

Beginner Plus is designed as an introduction to the practice of yoga as well as those with some basic knowledge of yoga.   Class is slower paced than an all-levels class, and focused on developing clear and safe alignment in foundational poses. All bodies are welcome.